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Reviews of the SME Capacity Building & Market Linkages Training Program – The Kopala Edition

We believe in the power of feedback and transparency, and we value the thoughts and experiences of our SME Training program participants. Your insights are crucial in helping us continually improve and refine our offerings. We invite you to share your thoughts, impressions, and feedback about your training experience with CNC 360 Consulting Limited.

Your reviews will not only help us refine our SME Training program but also serve as a valuable resource for potential participants. We are committed to transparency and continuously striving to provide top-notch training experiences for Zambian entrepreneurs and businesses.

Please note that all reviews will be moderated to ensure they meet our community guidelines. We encourage honest and constructive feedback, as it helps us grow and better serve the SME community in Zambia.

For any inquiries or assistance regarding the SME Training program, feel free to contact our dedicated team at or call us on +260977796332.

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